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Ensure your child remains a safe digital ninja.


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Safeguard their virtual playground, 24/7

There’s no doubt that technology is a great tool for children to learn, play and socialise. But without the right parental controls in place, the good on the internet is often outweighed by the bad – and the ugly. With your child fighting for digital independence and the plethora of apps, websites and devices out there, the challenge of keeping them safe can feel overwhelming to say the least.

► Good thing Online Helpdesk is here. We know all the ropes when it comes to making the internet safe for children – and helping parents put the necessary measures in place.

But where to begin?

There’s no clear-cut answer. At every age and stage, kids require different parental controls for their online activity.

Whether it’s Samsung Kids or Google Family Link for the whole family, we’ll recommend the best parental controls for you from the get-go.

It’s all about ensuring your child remains a safe digital ninja – while still enjoying the wonders of the web.

Protect your Family

Looking for fast, reliable internet connectivity?

We’ve all been there. A looming deadline, an important video presentation – or even a cliff-hanger in your favourite Netflix series. And suddenly, the Wi-Fi drops out. It can be difficult to narrow down the issue… is it the modem or something else? Let the team at Online Helpdesk give you the answers – so that you can enjoy fast, reliable connectivity, day in day out.

We’ll solve your Wi-Fi connectivity issues remotely

If you’re frustrated with the instability of your internet connection or it’s slow downloading speed, we’ve got the tools and know how to troubleshoot your connectivity issues.

We can even do it remotely – so you can get your internet running smoothy again in no time.
And if an issue seems out of your depth? Not to worry. We’ll step you through the solution, so you know exactly what to do next time.

We can Help you...

Fix slow connections, no connection and internet dropouts

Narrow down the cause of your connection issue

Set up your modem, router and Wi-Fi access points

Prevent losing files if you run into connectivity issues while syncing or backing up data

Avoid the inconvenience, frustration, and embarrassment of technical issues

Work productively from home by ensuring your kids have a reliable source of entertainment

Need URGENT internet or Wi-Fi help?

Got an internet or Wi-Fi question?

Why choose Online Helpdesk for your Wi-Fi and internet needs?

We’re expert
problem solvers

Your internet may not be working for all sorts of reasons. It could be your cable, modem, router, extender, service provider – the list goes on. But with our expertise, we can remediate the issue quickly and cost-effectively.

We know the
struggle is real!

Internet troubles are frustrating. So, we work hard to get your connection back up with minimal lost time – while also addressing the underlying issue to avoid it from happening again.

We’ll show you how to set up
wireless encryption

Most service providers will recommend out-of-the-box set up. Not us. Why? Because this method doesn’t consider your customisation preferences.

Whatever your internet or Wi-Fi question, we can uncover the answer!

  1. How do I fix my internet connection issues?
  2. Are my internet problems due to my modem/router – or is it a connectivity issue?
  3. My device won’t connect. What should I do?
  1. My device keeps dropping out. What should I do?
  2. How do I set up my modem, router or Wi-Fi?


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Cathleen Macaulay Seymour I needed help in a hurry and OnlineHelpDesk said they could help, and they did. My computer and printer are working again… Cathleen Seymour Monty Gedaliah Kingsley Our resident IT person was not really an IT person, she was the secretary. As our company expanded and the technology increased, her time and knowledge were much better spent back on her day job. OnlineHelpDesk provided the expert help we needed, and our secretary is much happier. Monty Kingsley Cassandra Iosifu Vipond I thought I lost all my manuscript for my PHD. Phat Phingers, late nights and too much coffee! Luckily OnlineHelpDesk were on hand to recover my files and set up a backup schedule to reduce the level of stress. Cassandra Vipond Justine Cosmo Walton I have two kids that run rings around me on social media with a new one popping up almost every week! To look after my kids, I spoke with OnlineHelpDesk. I am much happier now. Thanks to the team at OnlineHelpDesk Justine Walton



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