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We resolve all kinds of technology problems.


So, if your issue is quick and easy to resolve,
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What do you need help with?

Windows is a powerful and flexible operating system. But it needs regular attention for optimum performance. That’s why it’s so important keep your software updated – and your hardware in optimal working order.

► From your mouse and keyboard to your printers, scanners and speakers, our team has the knowledge and determination to diagnose and resolve all kinds of technology problems.

Printers and Scanners

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that your home or office printer issues require a printer repair technician.

► We can troubleshoot your issues remotely, giving your printer some TLC – and you some much-needed relief from that stubborn printer of yours.

Mouse and Keyboard

Is the Bluetooth on your mouse or keyboard constantly losing connection? Is your keyboard set to another language – sending your day into a spin?

OnlineHelpDesk can help you with all types of mouses and keyboards issues – including those for ergonomic use.

Camera, Micorphone, Headphones

Issues with your camera, mic or headphones? Or perhaps you’re just wondering if you could be enjoying a better experience?

Sometimes, just a few tweaks can give your camera higher definition or better sound quality. Let us show you how.

Microsoft Windows

Installing, updating, upgrading, or buying a licence for your Windows operating system?

OnlineHelpDesk can help you upgrade your operating system –quickly and easily.

► And help you select the right licence for your needs.

Computer Accessories

Are you trying to connect a wireless accessory to your home-office set-up? No matter where you are – or what your accessory – we can help you troubleshoot the problem to get you up and running in no time.


What our customers say about us

Cathleen Macaulay Seymour I needed help in a hurry and OnlineHelpDesk said they could help, and they did. My computer and printer are working again… Cathleen Seymour Monty Gedaliah Kingsley Our resident IT person was not really an IT person, she was the secretary. As our company expanded and the technology increased, her time and knowledge were much better spent back on her day job. OnlineHelpDesk provided the expert help we needed, and our secretary is much happier. Monty Kingsley Cassandra Iosifu Vipond I thought I lost all my manuscript for my PHD. Phat Phingers, late nights and too much coffee! Luckily OnlineHelpDesk were on hand to recover my files and set up a backup schedule to reduce the level of stress. Cassandra Vipond Justine Cosmo Walton I have two kids that run rings around me on social media with a new one popping up almost every week! To look after my kids, I spoke with OnlineHelpDesk. I am much happier now. Thanks to the team at OnlineHelpDesk Justine Walton



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