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Did you know that your modem or router connects your devices to the internet? They can also form part of a shared network. And how they are configured can determine who has access to your network – and from where. So if you need help navigating any of these issues, Online Helpdesk is here to step in.

Email set-up and configuration

Need help wrangling your email account?


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Email or inbox troubles? We can help.

Email or inbox troubles? We can help.

Everyone has an email account. Some are orderly and useful. Others are spread across multiple accounts, can’t be accessed on mobile devices and are clogged with spam. If this latter scenario sounds all too familiar, let us help.

► We can set up your email account to achieve the simple and seamless email experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Need help wrangling your email account?

► Dreaming of the elusive ‘0 email’ inbox? Can’t transfer your data across to a new account? No matter your email issue, we can help you solve it.
► From businesses to households, we help all sorts of people with all sorts of problems.

We can Help you...

Set up a new email account

Add another email account to your software

Retrieve or reset your email password

Unclog and automate your inbox

Import or export emails and other data

Sync your email accounts across multiple devices

Protect your email from malware

Back up your email files

Retrieve corrupted data or files

Got a question?

email help?

Got a question about your email?

Why choose Online Helpdesk to fix your email woes?

We help you find the right email provider

There’s no shortage of email providers out there… so how do you choose the right one? The team at Online Helpdesk can point you in the right direction – with objective, sensible advice.

We’re experts in all major email services

Using Microsoft Exchange? No problem. Need to configure your Outlook? We’ll walk you through it. Have a Gmail question? Shoot it our way! Whatever your email account provider, we have the expertise.

We’re no more than a phone call away

We get it – you need technical email support now. By dialling 1300 060 000, you’ll get instant help with your problems. We can connect to your device and solve your issue remotely, too!

Whatever your email question, we can uncover the answer!

  1. How do I back up my email?
  2. I forgot my password. How do I retrieve or reset it?
  3. How do I add an email account to my software?
  4. Do I choose the POP, IMAP or Exchange settings when adding an email account to my software?
  1. How do I import data like old emails, contacts, and calendar appointments?
  2. How do I sync my email across multiple devices?
  3. I’m running out of space in my email account. What are my options?
  4. How do I unclog my email from spam and junk mail?

Got a question?

email help?

Got a question about your email?