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Did you know that your modem or router connects your devices to the internet? They can also form part of a shared network. And how they are configured can determine who has access to your network – and from where. So if you need help navigating any of these issues, Online Helpdesk is here to step in.

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Issues with your printer?

We can help.


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Printer problems

Printer spelling trouble? We can help.

Printers are an integral computer accessory in the home and workplace. So if you’re having issues connecting it to a device, setting up a network, or simply replacing the ink, give us a call. We’re able to diagnose and resolve your issue, step by step.

Issues with your printer?

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that printer issues require a printer repair technician.

► We can troubleshoot your issues remotely, giving your printer some TLC – and you some much needed relief from the oftentimes frustrating home or office printer.

We can Help you...

Connect your printer to a phone, laptop, desktop computer or other device

Connect the printer to a network so many devices can use it

Troubleshoot and fix poor print quality issues

Determine if a driver or specific software will help resolve your printer issues

Scan and fax using your printer (if its capabilities allow)

Set the right layout so your document prints as you need it to

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Got a printer question?

printer help?

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Why choose Online Helpdesk for help with printers?

We can sort out your
issue remotely

We know standard and multifunction printers intricately. So we know that you’ll rarely need to take your printer to a repair servicer – whatever its issues. Instead, we can troubleshoot your printer problems remotely – and resolve them efficiently.

We’ll put you on the right track for next time

Chances are, your printer problem isn’t a once-off. So we work to determine the underlying problem and take you through the solution. That way, you’ll know what to do should you encounter the issue again.

We know how to get the most out of your printer

Sometimes printers need drivers or specific software to work to their full potential. Even if you don’t have the original setup discs that came with your printer, we can help you identify what you need and where to find it.

Whatever your printer question, we can uncover the answer!

  1. How can I connect my device to a printer?
  2. How do I set up the right layout for my printing (margins, colours, single- or double-sided, etc.)?
  3. My printer is on and connected to my device, but I can’t find it in the range of printer options. What should I do?
  1. How do I set up wireless sharing for my printer?
  2. How do I scan a document to my email?
  3. How do I print from my iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet or other device?

Need URGENT printer help?

Got a printer question?

printer help?

Got a printer